What Makes Us Different

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What is it that customers prioritize when searching for homecare providers?

We’ve searched long and reflected deeply. Working with both home-care professionals and consumers, we’ve found in a recent survey that 90% of consumers identified staff as the major component that differentiates an agency.

Our Staff...

Our staff is what sets us apart! Not just our certified nurse assistants (CNA's), but ALL of our caregivers are trained and certified by the American Red Cross Association in CPR and First Aid. In addition, for those with Alzheimers and Dementia, we have trained and certified staff to appropriately meet the needs specific to these disabilities.

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Our caregivers will frame their service to fit your needs and work with you to create a custom schedule for a best-fit plan. More importantly, they will always treat your loved one with the utmost kindness and respect. Their goal is to be a true companion and not just another aide while putting their client’s health and basic needs at the forefront.

Real Time Information...

While maintaining an atmosphere of intimacy and familiarity with our licensed and experienced professionals, KIGSC also enables family members the ability to access real time information on their loved one via our web portal. We are excited to offer this technology as it can help ease the minds of family and friends as they keep up to date with their daily progress!